UP10TION… I can’t even ugh.



So yeah. History‘s comeback was great. I had hopes for VIXX but it didn’t really work for me this time… My reaction to their comebacks are usually either “OMFG dead” or “...pass“. I have to admit that I’ve fallen in like with Jun Hyusung‘s comeback too… not to mention how much I love Boys Republic‘s newest release.. So damn good!  

But the high-light this month is by far UP10TION and all of their ten lovable members. I love them. I seriously cannot pick a bias. I need all of them to survive. And this song is awesome. So is the choreo and the Jinhoo-Kogyeol moment ❤


History is going to kill me!


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The MV is out! I repeat. The MV is out!
To be honest, the song hasn’t made a big impact on me yet but I know it will grow on me… But just look at this video… and I know I will die once I see the full choreo.

Can’t wait to see this live… OMG they look so good!
And that Kyungil-Sihyuong dance thing – what was that? I love it!!

April Comebacks Hell Yes!


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Ok. First of all. Apologizing for the lack of updating. I have been busy with work, study, life… and also, the kpop scene has been kind of breezy recently, in my opinion.

After Taemin stopped promoting, I’ve only been keeping up to KNK. I do really love them and the song ❤

However, it seems like some things are starting to happen. History is making a comeback, like I can’t even. It’s going to be good no matter how bad it is. I feel like I have another connection to them, and my new bias Jaeho, now so I cannot wait for this!

I also know UP10TION will make a comeback in April. Like Oh My Fucking God Yas! Sorry not sorry. It hasn’t been long since their last promotion but it’s smart to keep them busy the first year or so! I am so excited and I’m hoping for a concept like ‘So Dangerous’.

And I found out just a few minutes ago that Boys Republic is making a comeback and based on the teaser it will be fucking awesome!

April Comebacks – I’m ready!

KNK – Knock


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KNK is definitely my jam lately. I mean, except for Taemin, whom over I have fangirled so much it’s probably not healthy, but that boy is just the perfect amount of everything… Anyways. Back to KNK and their debut Knock.

I love the build up of the song and when that first chorus come it’s like… Damn! They have amazing vocals and looks and they are tall! They all look like actors to be honest. I love the choreography too ❤


History in Helsinki [16.02.20]


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So. About time I talk about this.
My History-concert-experience!

We came to the venue about 7.30 in the morning to get our VIP wrist bands. I got number 55 – which meant I was almost close enough to touch the stage – and I did touch Sihyung’s hand! They had a good queuing system, we only had to come back at 10 am and 1 pm for a “check up”, the rest of the time we spent sightseeing in Helsinki.

The concert was amazing. Before going I was choosing between Yijeong and Sihyung as bias… but after the concert, I found myself very Jaeho biased. 

During the meet & greet, it was indeed Jaeho that made my heart beat out of my chest. Amazing experience indeed. 

History are wonderful and gorgeous performers and I want to see them again soon! ❤


I’m the one with blue pants and white shoes.

Is this Ren feels I’m having?



Yeah… From pre-debut until about two… or maybe even three years back, I was a huge Ren fan. Like, I’d be embaressed to say just how in love I was with him back in 2012. Anyways… those feelings faded and I have cared close to zero about NU’EST the last years.

And then I saw NU’EST comeback MV, watched it, liked the song…. Died because of Ren’s hair! And the more I listen to more I love this song.

So I ‘accidentally’ watched this clip afterwards… and them Ren feels. These feels I thought were long gone… they are coming back.

It’s Over…

Well, I have been aware of these rumors for a while and I know nothing is officially over yet… I guess I’ve just been waiting for some good news.

I cannot stand a SPEED disbandment. Except for Teen Top, I’ve never loved a group as much as them! 

Why is this happening? I mean, yeah I know it’s because their company can’t do shit right… But why is this happening so soon after I became a fan of them.. These feelings of pain are too real.

And as if that’s not enough… hearing rumors about DGNA’s disbandment… I am not losing my hope for their comeback! 

B.I, Remember & No Love…


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Yeah, I’ve taken a like for iKON, which I thought would never ever happen.
I’m not talking about becoming a fan, buying all of their merchandise and paying for expensive concert tickets here, simply, I’ve really enjoyed watching their Dumb&Dumber performances. B.I’s fan-service is making me flutter. I love it!
Plus Bobby and Jinhwan, and that other guy with the dark voice who’s name I didn’t look up yet, are hot!! 

I’ve also started watching another Kdrama. As long as I find good ones, I’ll just keep watching. The very fresh ‘Remember‘.
The first episode was very promising!

And my jam right now, I mean with the exception of ‘Red Point‘,
is Lucky J’s ‘No Love‘!