If ranking their songs was hard, this is beyond possible. However I will still do it since the way I feel for the members do change from time to time so by ranking them now I can come back later and see how I felt at this time. It’s genius, I know *bowing*.

As always my heart goes to ChunRick and I’ve realized it’s been almost two years since Chunji became my second bias *feeling all warm inside*.

Now. The problem is the rest of the group, my heart basically love all of them equally because they all have their individual charms. CAP is just growing on me more and more. Changjo too. They were my two last favorites before… now? I just can’t put CAP last. I just can’t. LJoe last? No. That doesn’t feel right. And Niel, well he’s third, hard to argue about it.

  1. Ricky
  2. Chunji
  3. Niel
  4. CAP
  5. LJoe
  6. Changjo