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A few groups have a specific member that I bias. They are basically more important to me than the group as a whole. And even though Ricky is my ultimate bias in Teen Top (and outside), I love all of the members, so to single him out would feel unfair. Same goes to my favorite groups The Boss, AlphaBAT and MR.MR (as well as ZE:A and 2PM… Am I forgetting someone?).

Now. When it comes to Hyunseung, I do bias him extremly but Dongwoon isn’t to my disliking either. 


Gongchan. I would still listen to, and enjoy, B1A4 without him, but he flies a lot higher than the rest.


Ren. No explanation needed.


Himchan is a bit of a parantes because I care very little for B.A.P these days (sadly) yet I find myself secretly in love with him every time I see him.


Wow. I almost forgot about Leeteuk. My original Ultimate Bias. Because I discovered kpop through Super Junior.