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I’m so done with this soft-pornification that’s happening to kpop. I’m never going to buy anything from companies that produces SHIT LIKE THIS. And I don’t like to mention Illuminati because people tend to think I’m crazy if I do, so I won’t. My stomach serisously hurt from watching this. Please, get it out of kpop, it shouldn’t be here. And the worst part is that people swallow this crap with all kinds of defense machanisms! No!! This is NOT ok. It’s not ok in any other pop either but at least in kpop we used to be free from it. It’s not ok when guys wear only underwear, touching themselves and doing moves that no one under 18 should be allowed to watch either. Not that I’ve ever seen it.

I don’t blame straight guys… it’s basically porn, so unless they don’t like that, they will obviously like this. But that’s what porn is for. To keep it away from people who doesn’t want to see it. I’m boiling with anger and disgust right now…