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Well. Today is offically my anniversary as a kpop fan. Today, exactly three years ago, I was looking for some new music on youtube (because you need music when you’re going to clean your room!) and what I found would literally change my life.

Mr Simple by Super Junior. My first thought? Wow, I love this song and these boys are really good looking. My second thought? What are they and what language is this, Japanese? I had never in my life heard of kpop before so I googled my ass off and learned all of their names and ages.

The following days I found TVXQ, SHINee, SNSD, MBLAQ and Block B. A whole new world of music and pretty boys had appeared before me. I was trapped immediately.

I miss those times sometimes. When it was all new and foreign. Since then I have learned so much about Korea, trying to learn Korean and I also lived there for almost half a year (sadly not anymore) and met the love of my life. Never would have happened without kpop, imagine. 

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