Well, this is a downer.

Did not expect my heart to feel like this after finally watching a teaser… I’m just out of words. It sounds good and the style and story seems interesting and all… But C.A.P, getting drunk, showing way too much skinship with a girl. I just hate it. I know there must be some kind of dark story to it because it has this remorsful feel. It doesn’t matter. The boys touching half-naked girls, I just can’t do it. My only console is that it is C.A.P and not Ricky, Chunji or Niel. Had it been one of them… I don’t even want to think about it. Also for God’s sake more Ricky in the next teaser (and no girls orz) or I’m going to through C.A.P and that slut (sorry, it’s not her fault I’m just a bit pissed right now) girl out of that wreck of a place they seem to live in…

Note to Teen Top. I’m happy you’re coming back but please don’t lead me to the comforting arms of Leeteuk and SuJu at the moment because you’re doing it wrong right now… (don’t worry I’ll never leave you, and especially not you, Ricky).