Now, I’ve had my fair share of fan-crushes in my days as a kpop fan. Nowadays it’s very limited, throughout 2013 it was basically just Ricky. However, I never thought I’d forget one easily.

I was looking through my old Dalmation playlist on Youtube. I absolutely loved them for some time and I very, very strongly biased Dari (was waiting for him to come back after his military service but instead Dalmatian became DMTN and… yeah, I’m still waiting). I also liked Jisu a lot and I remember them well. Then I found a fancam – of Youngwon. I had to think twice + watch the fancam to remember him and realise how much I had once liked him. It got me hooked some Dalmatian again (and no, I won’t call them DMTN, I haven’t accepted it yet) and especially this clip, Love it.