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So, this year has come to an end and with a twist, I might add (but more about that later…)

Let me give you a summary of my kpop year. 
In the beginning of the year I wasn’t in a good state of mind, so there wasn’t really energy nor that big of an interest in kpop, as there had once been. 2013 ended with my new found love for The Boss aka DGNA and their song “Why Goodbye”.

I guess 2014 started slow with a few favorites – “Something“, “Mr. Mr.” and “Boy in Love“. It was when I discovered AlphaBat that I could once again feel that passion for kpop again. Thanks to “딴따라“, B:eta, C:ode and E:psilon I was getting back on track.


What follows next is basically just a big mess of all the comebacks/debuts I’ve loved/obssessed over during the year;

MR.MR – Big Man
This song brought me back to MR.MR for real this time. I actually liked them ever since their debut in 2012 but now I consider them one of “mine”. 

GOT7 – Girls Girls Girls

Wheesung – Night & Day

MR MR – Big Man

Jung Joonyoung – Teenager

C-Clown – Let’s Love

Cross Gene – Amazing- Bad Lady

History – Psycho

BEAST – Good Luck

Jun Hyoseong – Goodnight Kiss

Taemin – Danger (& Pretty Boy)

BTS – Danger

Super Junior – Mamacita

Teen Top – Love You
NOTE; No, this is not a comeback but I just really love this song! 

MadTown – YOLO

T-ARA – Suga Free

The Boss – Rilla Go!

Teen Top – I’m Sorry

BTS – War of Hormones

Boys Republic – The Real One

Teen Top – Snow Kiss


I think that will do. However I have one more song and group to add. A group I found out about today! Their name is Target but I’m not sure if they actually officially debuted yet or this MV is rather a pre-debut (the quality seems so-so), either way I love the song and I’ve been crazy about them since I for the first time in my life saw them, like 10 hours ago. I already know my biases names. The concept is a bit different and I love it too. Please, do well!