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I’ve only listened to four new songs this year (I know there’s more but yeah I listen to what interests me).

Sonamoo debuted with “Deja Vu” – No. Just no. The song is awful (sometimes I feel so lonely in my opinions but since I’m not that into girl groups, it takes more from them to impress me). Not talking bad about the members but if the company tried to make some kind of female B.A.P, they did a bad job.

LU:KUS has mad a comeback with “Break Ya” – Their debut was better and I still can’t get over X-5 so I’m not feeling it, sorry.

Jonghyun‘s “Crazy” – started off really good and he looks mighty fine! Then, this guy (sorry, don’t know his name) starts rapping and I’m like… no. Then it just keeps going, way too long. I just really hated it. This is ofcourse a very personal opinion. He sounds and looks amazing! Jonghyun, that is, just wish that damn rap wouldn’t have been there.

And, I also saw today that Halo has a new winter-song called “Surprise” – This however was quite nice. I’m not generally into this kind of concepts but it works and yeah, Younghoon is just getting more handsome, as if that’s even possible.