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I’m not sure where I first read it but rumors had it that Sungmin and Taewoon aren’t members of SPEED anymore. First of all, I read that, accordning to the company, they will add two new members. So far, bad enough. I love the seven members just the way it is. So at that point I’m already feeling bad but I can totally accept it as long as all the other members stay.

Five (as far as I know) of the members have been in the US to prepare for their comeback (at least some good news) but Sungmin and Taewoon is nowhere to be seen. I just can’t take it if they leave. It’s just not SPEED without them. I’ve heard people saying that Sungmin is injured and Taewoon is working on a mix-tape and that’s the reason they weren’t with them. And that SPEED will continue as a nine-member group.

But I don’t know, it feels like why add new members unless it’s because old members will leave… This is too much right now. I need like real information from the company and the members.

Now, all I can do is just hope for the best. 

Why did I have to fall inlove with them! Why?


Super old picture from Coed School ;;