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…like groups that split up or disband.

I really miss the old Dalmatian. I don’t even know anymore if they are active because Jisu has gone solo and that’s as far as my knowledge goes.

The biggest reason I miss Dalmatian is because of Dari. I loved him something incredibly. When I see him now, I still love him (or I love the memory of him) and it it’s hard to accept that I will never see him like that again.

He’s one of few kpop idols who makes me feel so much it actually hurts. Honestly, except for Dari, I think Ricky, Chunji and Leeteuk are the only ones I’ve ever felt, and still feel, more for. (They are after all my ultimate three). When I see Dari, I feel exactly the same as I did three years ago. I’m glad he’s making music, at least. I love his voice & This song is awesome ;;

1:02 – that’s Dari! </3