I can’t deal with this.

Ryu has left MR.MR. and I feel so bad for him, the other members and the fans. Just… no, I really, really like him! ;; And this is not a good sign for MR.MR’s future at all. I just can’t see them making it big anymore. It will be so empty without him…

And I am almost 100% sure Taewoon has left SPEED too (Sungmin I am a bit more hopeful about, if not I will die) which really breaks my heart. And I want to know the reason too (but yeah it’s just my own speculations and I’m hoping I’m wrong)!  

In times like these I am so glad I (or all of us fans) have Shinhwa! They even went against their company to make sure they could stay together!
And last but not least, the group I love more than any other, Teen Top! Thank you, just thank you!