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I’ve started watching “so many” Korean dramas, I thought I should actually review them here on my blog. I know this is a kpop blog and I only intended it to be, so this is a side track. However! Every drama I’ve seen so far have had kpop-stars in the cast (maybe they usually do?) so I think it’s totally legit.

To the point; I finished watching “Sweden Laundry” and firstly, I sure wish there will be a second season (wishful thinking).

First episode was a bit boring to me and I wasn’t sure I would continue but I did (only thanks to Changjo) and I’m glad I did so! The plot is different from what one would expect, which was a really good think, in my opinion. Spolier alert – it’s not romantic (and I like that) but more involving around Bom’s family and visions.
The girl, playing the main charachter, is Song Hayoon and I like her a lot! Apart from  Soochul (played by Changjo), Bom was my favorite!

My score: 6/10
Why not more? Because it ended quite messy/rapidly and did not satisfy me! I expected more. Also I thought they could have done more with the concept (because it sure is awesome)