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This drama is fantastic! I thought God’s Gift was hard to beat (I’ll make a review on that drama later on) and well, acting-wise Triangle is far from as good a God’s Gift (not that it’s bad) but that’s also the only bad thing I have to say. I love the characters (well, hate them too), the script, the constant trying-to-figure-out-what-will-happen-next, the surprises, the beautiful boys (Kim Jaejoong and Im Siwan that is). I orignally decided to watch it after I got into ZE:A again and wanted to watch something with Siwan. And I’m glad I found this!

I got hooked at once and when I wasn’t watching, I was just waiting to when I could next watch another episode (note; this is very rare to me when it comes to series).

However. SPOILER ALERT! It ended exactly as I had predicted which is not a good thing. I was hoping I would be wrong. This brings down the score from a full 10 to an 8. 

My score: 8/10
Perfect amount of nail-biting and complicated life- and love-relationships. But the ending didn’t do it for me. I still highly recommend anyone to watch it! (I cried a few times).