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I wish I would have been to this concert!

A 1080p version of SPEED’s performance was uploaded. Thank God! I just want more of them! Love them so much! 

Today I saw that HALO made their comeback through Dream Concert too. And I think I like it! That Ooon is ridiculously handsome we knew already, but that hair is honestly not doing much for him, not to mention that shirt (dress?). The song sounds typical HALO – a good thing. And the dance seems somewhat corky/cute/sexy – also a good thing! And Heecheon is totally giving me some feels!

I will be looking forward to two MV releases for sure! 

And if that wasn’t enough Boy’s Republic performance was just way too teasing! I was kind of hoping they’d rip the shirts all the way but this is close enough. I prefer Minsu in black hair! He looked more handsome than ever… but I’m still Suwoong biased!