Kpop is consuming so much of my mind right now. Which is pretty unusual these days. Jun Jin released a new solo track/mv and it is fantastic! I simply love to watch him dance. Shinhwa are the legends of kpop and incredibly inspiring!

Big Star made a comeback (finally!) and this dance needs to be seen in it’s enitreness (how can that not be a word? I’m making it a word right now). Very nice! And my God, Raehwan looks to die for in this comeback!

And so intrigued to see what Seventeen will bring into a full mv… which will be release any hour now? It looks awesome but sounds… hmm.. let’s just hope for the best.

And last, but not least, the second UP10TION teaser (which was not at all much different from the previous) just killed it. MV will be released tomorrow. ❤