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I usually never have this many acts I look forward to. Watching MBC’s Show Champion today.

Beat Win: Even if it’s cut, this is their best live so far. They look so good in those clothes! Jungha and Yoonhoo.. sigh.. and Youngjo‘s arms!

 Junjin: Do I even need to use words? That intro! *repeating it while crying*

Monsta X‘s Hero: I am not into this group at all and their title track Rush… well, it’s pretty bad. But Hero is so fucking good! If a song can be sexy, this is!

Seventeen: In love with their comeback song but God knows how much I love Rock! Those body waves *sobs while hitting my head in the wall because of Chan’s age. Why God why?* plus the song is so my style! And Wonwoo, excuse me? And Han-freakin-sol?? Sexy Seventeen is pretty damn dangerous for us pedo-noonas! 

Big Star: The song is not amazing or anything, but the choreography is so nice to look at. Raehwan is looking ridiculously good too!

Although… no UP10TION! But hey, maybe that’s for the better. They tend to steal my attention. So happy and proud to call myself their fan!