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Ok. So I think Monsta X (and f(x)) has unfortunately stopped promoting but VIXX and MadTown just started and what do we have now. B.A.P and B.I.G! 

Yes, I knew of B.A.P‘s comeback and I’m so happy they’re back, mostly for their fans and themselves because I was there since debut. To be honest, the song actually didn’t catch my interest. The MV was very powerful, just like B.A.P are, but the song was… not good enough (to me). The best part of the mv is obviously Zelo unzipping that jacket, revealing those abs + his dancing.

B.I.G was just something I clicked because I tend to be curious whenever there’s a new mv upload. The song is amazing. It gives me true 90’s feel and in the most positive way. The whole concept is really good.

So now I’ve got VIXX, MadTown and B.I.G to fangirl over the coming couple of weeks. And as you all now, BTS is coming soon too. Help us Lord. 

Buffy is like, from another planet of hotness, Moos could kill with those eyes, H.O.’s voice gets me every time, Lee Geon is so perfect, from head to toe… and then there’s Jota.