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I don’t easily get into dramas (doesn’t matter if it’s Korean or not to be honest) so I always have some “good” reason, that isn’t the actual story, for starting to watch it. As for this drama, it was a strange one.

There is a member in Romeo, I think is really cute, someone made a comment that he looked like a character in this drama. So I thought, I should check it out. And I was hooked! 

The two main male characters are ‘I-could-cry-because-how-can-a-person-be-that-fine’ good looking! And I really like Eunji from A-Pink now (she plays the main role)!

The story is very cheerful yet beautiful. Sad and beautiful. Well, as much as is possible for a mainstream High School Kdrama. It has interesting personal side-stories that are wrapped in well and I could probably watch it again!

My Score: 7/10
Honestly, 2 of the points are only because of Lee Wonkeun and Jisu! But the story is very good!