This year has been so completely different from 2014, in so many ways!

Whilst it feels like ages since last New Year’s Eve, I can’t believe another year has passed. My life and myself have changed, actually I’d rather call it, grown a lot.

So the year started off with my Target obsession. They have still not debuted, it’s starting to feel like a lost cause *feeling a minor heartache*. I’m living on hope to see them debut soon.
And not to forget my conversion into a dual-fandom through SPEED. I have heard some rumors of disbanding and I cannot handle it. My heart does not allow it and I need to see them come back. I love them so much… Even more now than back in January.

So, the first half of the year continued with:

1PUNCH – Tack Me Back
Tey – Dangerous ❤
Shinhwa – Sniper ❤

Niel went solo. Twice.

EXO – Call Me Baby … and with it my Lay feels.
BTS – I need You
MR.MR. – Out
24k – Hey You
History – Might Just Die … probably the best song of 2015!!
SPEED – What U … *insert a ocean of balloon hearts here* ❤

In June I went to Chicago for two weeks, just after BTS – Dope come out. It sort of became our Chicago-theme song, as much as I played it. But it sure is dope. And not to forget.. Teen Top also made a comeback! ❤

The second half of the year:

Infinite – Bad
Sonamoo – Cushion
GOT7 – Just Right
Beat Win – Stalker
UP10TION – Dangerous… yeah, I’m just waiting for a fandom name to join! ❤
The Legend – Shadow
Junjin – Wow Wow Wow ❤
Monsta X – Hero… Wonho got me like damn!
Seventeen – Mansae … even though it was Adore U that really got me into Seventeen.. And Joshua and Jeonghan of course!
24k – Superfly! ❤
UP10TION – Catch Me … Bit-to… just…
Oh My Girl – Closer
B.A.P. – Young, Wild & Free
VIXX – Chained Up
f(x) – 4walls
MadTown – OMGT
History – Lost … yeah it’s Japanese but, come on… It’s History!

Realize now that I haven’t mentioned BTS’ comeback on my blog. I don’t know about it yet to be honest.

With that. I hope 2016 will be a good year for kpop. 
Happy New Year!