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This is a thriller, I ‘accidentally’ started watching, while also watching ‘Angry Mom’. And I unexpectedly loved it. I finished this before ‘Angry Mom’!

The feeling to it is similar to that of ‘White Christmas’ (a psychological thriller I watched a year ago but have just been to lazy to review.. It’s coming!). It’s very… grey and un-flattering with a very interesting story development!

It starts as one kind of thriller but eveolves too something more. I wish it had been about five episodes longer, though, eleven were too short!

Score: 9/10
The acting of the female cast-member was… barely acceptable – that girl has one facial expression – but that is the only bad thing I got to say. I loved the concept so much I wish there would have been a second season. The character developments are also very intriguing and the turn and twists.