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So. About time I talk about this.
My History-concert-experience!

We came to the venue about 7.30 in the morning to get our VIP wrist bands. I got number 55 – which meant I was almost close enough to touch the stage – and I did touch Sihyung’s hand! They had a good queuing system, we only had to come back at 10 am and 1 pm for a “check up”, the rest of the time we spent sightseeing in Helsinki.

The concert was amazing. Before going I was choosing between Yijeong and Sihyung as bias… but after the concert, I found myself very Jaeho biased. 

During the meet & greet, it was indeed Jaeho that made my heart beat out of my chest. Amazing experience indeed. 

History are wonderful and gorgeous performers and I want to see them again soon! ❤


I’m the one with blue pants and white shoes.