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Ok. First of all. Apologizing for the lack of updating. I have been busy with work, study, life… and also, the kpop scene has been kind of breezy recently, in my opinion.

After Taemin stopped promoting, I’ve only been keeping up to KNK. I do really love them and the song ❤

However, it seems like some things are starting to happen. History is making a comeback, like I can’t even. It’s going to be good no matter how bad it is. I feel like I have another connection to them, and my new bias Jaeho, now so I cannot wait for this!

I also know UP10TION will make a comeback in April. Like Oh My Fucking God Yas! Sorry not sorry. It hasn’t been long since their last promotion but it’s smart to keep them busy the first year or so! I am so excited and I’m hoping for a concept like ‘So Dangerous’.

And I found out just a few minutes ago that Boys Republic is making a comeback and based on the teaser it will be fucking awesome!

April Comebacks – I’m ready!